What does attainable housing mean in Mount Pleasant?

Attainable housing opportunities are for those making less than 120 percent of the area median income. For an individual, that means less than about $57,000 annually. For a family of four, it’s less than $82,000. The attainable housing stock should include a mix of well-built single-family homes, townhome-style dwellings and apartments.

Isn’t land too expensive in Mount Pleasant for attainable housing?

The fact that land is so expensive in MTP is a huge hurdle to developing attainable housing in Mount Pleasant. Through a mix of private donations, grants and partnerships, local zoning changes and Federal funding, it’s certainly not impossible.

Why should I care about attainable housing in Mount Pleasant?

Lack of affordable, workforce housing will mean higher prices and lower quality service in child care centers, restaurants, retail and more for Mount Pleasant residents.

Without affordable, workforce housing industry will continue to pass over Mount Pleasant.

In a Town noted for its character and charm, Mount Pleasant loses something when long-time residents are priced out.